Bespoke Music Production
Sound Design, SFX Foley & Track Laying
Voice-over Recording & ADR
Vocal & Live Music Recording
Mixing for Online & Broadcast
5.1 & 7.1, & Dolby ATMOS Home Entertainment
Audio Restoration & Repair
Bespoke Music Production

Music can be very inconceivable and hard to describe thanks to its almost magical nature. With a band of singer-songwriters, orchestrators, artists, and producers - our diverse team of composers will translate your ideas, emotions, and messages into music. Communicating your internal musical concepts in an understanding way that speaks to your ideals.


You may preview a sample of these ideals across Netflix originals, artist albums, and brand advertisements.

Sound Design, SFX Foley & Track Laying

This may genuinely come as a shock to some, but most audio in any film or content is added in post-production. This includes atmosphere, the sound of clothes rustling, cups being put on tables, even basic dialogue a lot of the time. Working closely with the client from the offline stages to the final mix, our team is dedicated to crafting precise SFX and Foley to fit any scene. Be it an earthquake in an insurance commercial to a gunfight in a war scene.

Voice-over Recording & ADR

So your dialogue that was recorded on set wasn’t good enough, or perhaps the vocal performance wasn’t quite right... but visually, it was? The process to fix this is known as ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement). Even though there’s nothing automatic about it, the actor or replacement talent will re-enact the scenes in the studio, while we make the end result seamless as meant to be.


With a varied database of voice-over talents ready to record remotely, our studios can accommodate anything from a voice-over recording to full ADR production. Supporting mediums such as radio, TVC, podcasts, film, and more while remotely facilitating recording sessions from multiple countries and locations. The recorded material can be provided immediately after the session, or, we can provide the full mix after production.

Vocal & Live Music Recording

Maveriq’s facility holds six spacious studios allowing for the recording of multiple vocalists or instruments at any given time. Paired with a large selection of microphones. Our largest recording studio accommodates space to record bands, choirs, and up to a 38 piece orchestra.


With a lack of outside distraction, there’s a very calm vibe here. Most artists don’t want to leave, and they find it a conducive place to get work done. Our vocal booths have hosted world-renowned artists like - Sean Kingston, Rich Brian, Joji, Ed Sheeran, Lukas Graham, and more.

Mixing for Online & Broadcast

Our mixes are done based on the final broadcast medium, ensuring that the final mix translates across all platforms. Please provide loudness standards and other material requisites in the details of your brief to us and our team will mix your audio to all specifications, using only the highest technical standards.

5.1 & 7.1, & Dolby ATMOS Home Entertainment

Let's get immersive!


Our audio-visual experiences involve mixing in 5.1 & 7.1 surround and Dolby ATMOS Home Entertainment. Making its way from film sets and post-production suites into living rooms, Dolby's ATMOS surround sound technology has quickly become one of the most important and impressive technologies in home cinema.


Allowing directors to use sound much more creatively and usefully than ever before, introducing characters from off-screen by their voice alone, or drawing your attention to something important without having to point the camera right at it.


Dolby Atmos for Music expands the creative palette for artists and creators. The use of three-dimensional space makes listeners feel like they’re inside the music. With our ®-calibrated 9.2.6 array mixing stage we can provide all your immersive needs.

Audio Restoration & Repair

As fussy sound engineers, we know what it’s like to want to salvage the perfect take from an emotional dialogue scene. 


Our services include live sound clean up, dialogue editing, dialogue de-noising to remove unwanted noise (e.g. refrigerator hums, passing traffic, unintelligible conversation), speech enhancement, and location sound restoration – all just to make the perfect recording take usable and fit into your mix nicely. 


Upload your audio and we’ll get the forensic team ready.

Get in touch with our team

Jumpstart your project by contacting our production team to facilitate a brief and a budget specific to your requirements.


How it works

2. Execution Plan

We provide feedback, execution plan, timeline and quote for your brief. Proceed with 25% payment to confirm.

3. Production

Our team will work on your project right away based on your creative requirements.

4. Feedback & Revisions

Preview your project online, drop us feedback and we’ll revise accordingly.

5. Final Materials

Once revisions are approved, proceed with second 75% payment to download the final

material via secure link.

What others say about us

Maveriq Studios has been my first choice of studio for almost a decade. It’s been a great partnership. The studio is well-equipped and with a professional team. Added bonus: great vibe and comfortable environment to work in!

Havas Immerse AV Producer

It’s always a pleasure working with the Maveriq team and I’ve never ever been disappointed with the end result. Truly professional; and a dedicated team of talented musicians.

Farouk Aljoffery Planet Films / Another Planet / The Pluto Project

A first recording experience for 3 PWDs (People With Disability) and what a learning experience for them! The staff are awesome and helpful. Hope to be there again.

Shahrin Hamid

The best studio experience for me in Kuala Lumpur so far, top-notch, A+ grade.
Maveriq caters to a lot of different needs… they service my needs with no complications. The gear and the set up is great, all the engineers know what they’re doing, they like to teach me. They’re doing their thing and letting me know what it’s about.

Alextbh, MVQ Music, Maveriq Studios
Alextbh Artist