Gabriel Lynch – Focus Group

Gabriel Lynch dropped an album on the 8th of August which he describes as ‘eclectic’ and ‘never worked on before’.

The ‘Focus Group’ album consists of 10 songs that radically contrast each other, ranging from orchestrated pieces, rock songs, synth-pop and has lyrics that discuss BDSM, social media influences, toxic breakups and more.

Have we got your attention yet? Because he’s got ours.

Gabriel Lynch Focus Group Album Cover
Focus Group Album Cover

Gabriel’s new album is him avoiding pigeon-holes and being more confident in self-expression, owning the idea of a lack of conformity.

This is after his two recent singles ‘Glass House’ released in November and ‘Tripping Wire’ released March last year.

If you do not know who Gabriel is yet, we’re happy to re-introduce him.

Gabriel is our in-house singer-songwriter. We look for him in studio B for vocals, songwriting, jingles and to compose film songs like ‘Selagi Mampu’ in Polis Evo 2, released last year and ‘Ribut Hati’ in Tombiruo, released the year before.

Gabriel’s history with Maveriq is nothing short of a love story.

He arrived here with his band from Bangkok to record an album and we had enjoyed working together with Gabriel so much, we didn’t want him to leave!

Gabriel Lynch MVQ Music Maveriq
IG: @glynchmusic, photographed by Gavin Lim

Gabriel’s talent, his classical training in various instruments and his experience performing, enabled him to quickly jump on board team Maveriq, at an amazingly quick pace.

Now, Gabriel describes his time at Maveriq as one that allowed him to be self-sufficient and capable of doing so much more than he dreamed of doing in terms of composition, productivity and creation.

“These guys taught me from day one when I knew nothing about programming a set of drums to now being able to compose a whole song on my own, even the mixing and mastering.”

In addition to his album release, Gabriel is looking forward to a more plushy American tour later in September.

Gabriel Lynch MVQ Music maveriq Studios
IG: @glynchmusic

He’s excited to take a fat dip into the Indie, Folk-Alternative scene there and be surrounded by like-minded fans of the same music genre.

For Gabriel, story-telling is what he hopes to channel in all he songs he plays live an in the music he records.

His latest album ‘Focus Group’, is reflective of his avid affinity for story-telling in songwriting and we are really stoked that it’s finally released.

Bon voyage Gabriel!

Listen to Gabriel’s new album, here.