Froya’s latest single – Halloumi Honey

In May, Froya dropped ‘Halloumi Honey’, a sensuous love song incepted by Froya over four years ago.

Her idea behind this piece came from the Cypriot Halloumi Cheese, a semi-hard, unripened, brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk.

Why a song based on some foreign cheese? To Froya, the Halloumi Cheese makes a squeaky sound, one that is reminiscent of what it sounds like when you love someone very, very much.

Thus, ‘what would the sound taste like?… if you could taste the cheese?’ was the starting point of Froya’s inspiration on producing the song.

The lyrics were reproduced four years later in 2019 and made to be more relevant – all while sticking to the feel of cheese melting.

Froya, Froya Music, Halloumi Honey
IG: @froyamusic, photographed by Aidan T

Froya changed it to ‘Honey’ at some point, because there was way too much cheese already.

While discussing the song, Froya mentioned that she had sampled her pup for another song ‘Rosie’, which is named after her pup and re-used the same samples in Halloumi Honey.

So we have cheese now, plus samples of a furkid named Rosie. Is anyone writing this down?

Halloumi Honey is a manifestation of Froya’s direction with her production towards being a lot more experimental and open.

We are definitely excited to hear what happens when some funny-sounding cheese inspires her again.

Froya, Froya Music, Maveriq Studios, MVQ Music, Halloumi Honey
IG: @froyamusic, photographed by @javstiz

‘Work it out’ – Dizkopolis ft. Froya

ICYMI, Froya dropped the single ‘Work It Out’ with Dizkopolis in March and it has picked up some steady momentum!

‘Work It Out’ has been signed by Kitsuné Musique in Paris, something Froya describes as an ‘honour to jump on’. 

Sitting down with Froya in studio D, we get into the nitty-gritty of ‘Work It Out’ and working with Dizkopolis.

“Dizkopolis gave me the song three years ago, it was still pretty basic and they asked me to write the melody. After that Dizkopolis wrote the assisting melody. So for the past three years, it was us passing it back and forth.”

She states that Dizkopolis are ‘professional perfectionists’ who were great to work with because ‘they knew what they wanted in their sound and music’.

Froya, Froya Music, Good Vibes Festival, MVQ Music
Froya performing at Good Vibes Festival 2018!

In between writing songs, Froya spends her days working in Studio D, attending to more commercial aspects of working in a music studio.

Her studio has some perks, it’s bright with plenty of natural sunlight and her dog Rosie is usually cosied up in a drawer.

When it comes to splitting her time between her personal projects and composing for the studio’s clientele, Michelle (Froya) has a welcoming approach.

“When you’re not doing your own music, it is interesting to learn what other people are looking for and what sells.”

She claims this has helped her gain a steady learning curve on music production along the years, with her favourite commercial projects being with director Dick Chua.

Froya, Froya Music, Maveriq Studios, MVQ Music
IG:froyamusic, photographed by Rhysher Park

Froya has come a long way.

Last year, AIM22 awarded Froya’s Panic Bird Album ‘Best Engineered Album’, which she describes as ‘totally unexpected’ but was achieved by ‘collaborative effort’ among herself and the audio engineers involved at Maveriq Studios.

She shared her proudest achievement to date as performing at Laneway Festival in 2017 alongside artists who inspire her, like Glass Animals and Aurora, whom she couldn’t believe she was chosen to perform with.

Her goals are simple but admirable – to keep on making music and performing at international venues.

Listen to Froya’s albums here.