Dolby ATMOS Home Entertainment – we have it now.

Maveriq Studios has recently announced our latest upgrade to our facility, the Dolby ATMOS Platform in conjunction with our annual musical showcase, MVQ Music’s Turn It Up with The Glenlivet and ADAM Audio.

With the installation of Dolby ATMOS at Maveriq we are able to optimize content based on the number of speakers in the environment or device, so your mix delivers the best experience it can for cinema as well as Dolby Atmos-enabled mobile devices, home theaters, soundbars, and even headphones.

As well as for the visual world Dolby Atmos Music is slowly making its way into the mainstream music business and it makes good ol’ stereo sound like mono AM radio.

An entirely new way of recording and listening to music, Atmos Music is becoming a big part of recorded music’s next big leap forward and we are pleased to be on board with these steps.

Dolby ATMOS Maveriq Studios
16 new studio monitors in Studio F

We now offer Dolby Atmos for creating highly immersive soundtracks for movies, with sound that feels like it’s coming from in front of you, behind you, both sides, and above.

But that same recording technique can be used with music for a similar result: Total sonic immersion.

One of the defining characteristics of both Dolby Atmos for movies and Dolby Atmos Music is that an object (or in the case of music, an instrument or vocal track) can be manipulated in 3D space by the producer independently.

Studio F Maveriq Studios Dolby Atmos Top View
We absolutely love standing in the ‘sweet spot’.

For example, when listening to Atmos Music on an Atmos-compatible sound system, you might hear the violins from the front of the room as a symphony begins, but as the music continues over time, those instruments could be gradually shifted in space to feel as though they are coming from all around you.

It’s an unprecedented degree of control for producers and much like the 3D effect in movies.

Additionally, a technique known as binaural audio can be used to simulate 360-degree sound (our brains are remarkably easy to fool). Dolby Atmos takes full advantage of binaural audio and is pretty headphone-friendly.

Dolby Atmos for Headphones, Studio F, Maveriq Studios
An illustrative example of how the Dolby Atmos for Headphones work.

In fact, Dolby Atmos for Headphones is already widely used throughout the gaming world as a way to give gamers a more immersive audio experience that helps them place characters, as well as actions like explosions and gunshots, in context so they can react faster and with greater accuracy.

Our recent installation is reflective of a rapidly growing technology in the consumer market and we are looking forward to a time when enjoying sound in 3D becomes an everyday experience for all.

Please get in touch with us to find out how we can upgrade your mixes for film, TV, and music for Dolby ATMOS systems.

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