Alextbh’s single ‘No Space’ and recording at Maveriq Studios

Alextbh has made a name for himself both in Kuala Lumpur and internationally, which is why we were pretty on board with having him record his upcoming album in Maveriq.

We can’t talk about what he’s doing with us at the moment, but we promise to dive in much further when his new album comes out.

We can however, talk about his most recent single ‘No Space’ and his experience here at Maveriq Studios.

Cosied up in Studio E after his recording session with Sel, Alex shared the coming together of his song ‘No Space’.

Alextbh Maveriq Studios MVQ Music

“I recorded ‘No Space’ at a studio in Copenhagen, Denmark and at that time I had never been in a studio sesh. I was really anxious and when I got there I found it really hard to vibe with everyone.”

Oh no! Then what happened?

He continued, ‘I expressed to the engineers that I wanted something moody with my song, but for a long while it just didn’t go anywhere.”

Then something happened that changed the entire session around,

“Some guy in the studio started picking the lead vocals to Tame Impala’s ‘The Less I Know The Better’, and we both just found a common ground based on that song and then things just blossomed and we got the entire recording done that day.”

“The whole experience taught me that it’s fun to collaborate and work with people.”

He then proceeded to discuss the ‘grand scheme of things’ of ‘No Space’…

alextbh MVQ Music, Maveriq Studios
IG: @alex.tbh

In the past year or so, Alex’s approach with producers felt like ‘speed dating, as he constantly worked with a lot of new producers, song-writers and as a producer himself’.

“It’s like when you go on a Tinder date not expecting much but then you meet them and you’re blown away by how fucking incredible the person really is.”

Therefore, “No Space’ was the first thing that came out of that experience.

Speaking about experiences, we asked Alex about his thoughts on recording at Maveriq so far.

“The first time I came here a couple years ago, it was when Froya showed me around and introduced me to everyone and I thought it was really cool that she had her little dog Rosie with her.”

Fast forward to two years later, “I started working in studio F and I thought we were at a really cool space… the way it was set up and there were cute Christmas lights.”

Alextbh Studio F Maveriq Studios MVQ Music
Alex giving us his smoulder.

“I loved that there’s water, plain warm water”, he said, reaching for his cup. “Maveriq is great at fulfilling your comfort without you having to ask for it.”

Alex goes on, “Working with these guys is so much fun. Working with Paul is fun and easy… and Sel who has helped me learn that I should trust the engineers with all the technicalities of meeting my vision.”

When it comes to studio experience, Alex described Maveriq as “the best studio experience for me in Kuala Lumpur so far, top-notch, A+ grade… It’s so easy, I can just bring my laptop, plug it in and we’re ready to start recording.”

Oh stop it, you’re making us blush!

Alextbh Sel Maveriq Studios Studio F Recording
Alextbh and Sel in Studio F

He flatters us further, saying “Maveriq caters to a lot of different needs… they service my needs with no complications.”

“The gear and the set up is great, all the engineers know what they’re doing, they like to teach me. They’re doing their thing and letting me know what it’s about. It’s starting to be a good learning experience for me as they explain their set up and effects rack.”

Thank you for all the kind words Alextbh!

We’re all pretty impatient for his next album to drop, but in the meantime, listen to ‘No Space’ and the rest of Alextbh’s music here.

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