When work calls, we toil across six state-of-the-art studios spread across both floors, which range in size from comfortably fitting a soloist to big enough to fit a 24-piece string section. We have three pre-production suites fitted with Protools 11 Native and Logic 10, to create the basic sonic architecture of our work. The other three post-production suites & recording studios are kitted out with Protools HDX, to bring the aural drawing plans to life.

Studio F is the largest and our flagship out of the six suites. It is designed to be the most versatile with an infrastructure to take on all manors of work with little to no restrictions. Apart from a very large control room it features four recording areas, allowing multiple recording scenarios with complete isolation from each other.

All our studios are bathed in sunshine, because at Maveriq we believe that in the right light, in the right place and the right time, anything can be made extraordinary.